Electricfence was founded by a bulgarian couple Anita and Alexander (currently based in Vienna), having visited numerous techno parties and festivals they realised that the sound of the underground just could not get out of their heads, so in 2013 they got into DJing.

After building up their skills and confidence they started playing back to back, very soon got their first gigs in the legendary club – Flex in Vienna. Ever since, they played in different clubs and venues, many open air parties, supporting different social causes, getting involved more and more in the local scene.

Currently the techno driven duo Electricfence hosts their own monthly Showcase – #TechnoThirsty at the famous Camera Club in Vienna, often inviting other DJ’s who share their passion for music, slowly building a collective.

Anita and Alexander have individual taste for music, also a completely different approach to the art of DJing. Anita loves groovy, uplifting techno, whereas Alexander likes minimal, deeper and base heavier tracks.

The concept behind Electricfence is mainly focused on experimentation, different genres of music, live Instruments, drum machines, everything they can put their hands on, often using all the inputs and outputs on the DJ mixer.

The name Electricfence came as a surprise, one day connecting the complex mesh of cables Alexander got an electric shock from the equipment, this is how the name was born!

noun: electric fence; plural noun: electric fences

– a fence through which an electric current can be passed, giving an electric shock to any person or animal touching it.